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  • How long will it take to get a pair of bespoke handmade shoes?
    It takes approximately 5-6 months to complete an order. This includes the fitting, making the last, completion of the uppers and finally, the assembly of the shoe.
  • What style choices do I have?
    You can choose every element of the shoe design, including: Type of leather Construction style of the shoe (E.g. Square waist, Bevelled waist, Norwegian-welt, Norwegian Storm-Welt, Pump Stitching, etc.) Thickness of the soles Rubber or leather soles Height of the heel
  • Where do fittings take place?
    Fittings can be scheduled anywhere in London in a location that is most convenient for you - including your home, office/place of work, hotel, etc. To schedule a fitting outside of London - please contact directly to discuss.
  • Will I get a discount if I order more than one pair?
    A discount is available when ordering multiple pairs of shoes within a single order.
  • Will I need another last made if I order another pair?
    You will only need another last made if you wish your new pair of shoes to have a different shaped toe or different height of heel. Slippers will also require a different type of last to a regular pair of shoes.
  • Why do I need to break in my shoes?
    Breaking in a new pair of bespoke shoes is highly recommended for a number of reasons: By gradually increasing the time you wear your shoes each day, your feet will become more accustomed to the shoes and your shoes will become more accustomed to your feet! (This means the inner soles will gradually take on the imprint of your feet and will therefore become even more comfortable over time.) Some styles of shoe will take longer to break in than others (especially depending on the type of the leather used for the upper) Detailed instructions of how to break in your shoes will be provided at the fitting.
  • What if I have concerns about the fitting of the shoe?
    Every effort will be made to ensure that your bespoke shoes fit you correctly; however, any issues will be corrected immediately.
  • How should I take care of my bespoke shoes?
    Using shoe-trees will help to keep the shape of your shoes when they are not being worn. A shoe-tree is a shaped piece of wood that fits snugly into your shoes or boots to help keep the shape of the leather. (Shoe-trees can be purchased at an additional cost). After wearing on a wet day, it is important to allow the shoes to dry naturally at room temperature and away from any source of heat. This will help to preserve and protect the shoes from wearing out too quickly or becoming damaged. Regular polishing will also help to preserve and protect the shoe. More details on the best method for polishing can be provided at the fitting or upon request.
  • What if my bespoke shoes need to be repaired?
    Bespoke shoes can easily be dismantled in order to replace any parts of the shoe that have worn out - such as the welt, insoles, soles and heels. Please contact directly for a quote.
  • What accessories are available?
    Shoe-trees are available at an additional cost.
  • How much will it cost?
    Costs will vary depending upon the chosen product (E.g. shoes or boots, choice of style, choice of leather, etc.)
  • Why do handmade bespoke shoes cost more than ready-to-wear shoes?
    Bespoke handmade shoes are made using traditional methods of hand-sewing - unlike the shoes that can be bought "off the shelf". Top quality materials are always used - including prime leather (oak and vegetable tanned) for the upper and the "rough stuff" (insoles, soles, welts, etc.) Furthermore, bespoke shoes are carefully handcrafted to fit the unique and individual shape of your feet. Bespoke handcrafted shoes may cost more than ready-to-wear shoes - but they are an investment that will last you a good twenty or thirty years if you take care of them!
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